Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tragedy in Connecticut: How to Help

Our chapter of the National Honor Society is deeply saddened by the tragedy in Connecticut.  Please follow the link for some ideas about how you can help :

Students Rebuild

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yesterday's Meeting: December 13, 2012

Yesterday's Meeting: Dec 13, 2012

Service Project
Yesterday, we began discussing ideas for our Service Project. It is important that by next week, prior to Christmas Break, we decide on one problem that we intend to solve and commence executing activities to achieve this goal starting Mid-January.

Field Trip/ Tour
Please send your vote to society's email address:

Individual Service/ Volunteering 
Remember, you should constantly be involved in this process. As we've discussed, the Community Service Club, under the supervision of Ms. Lewis, is partnered with us to help you complete all required hours. Moreover, Ms. Surgeon's Ivy-League simulation program is looking for volunteers to present to students. Those students who have shown interest, please see Ms. Surgeon as soon as possible for all details.

Friday, December 7, 2012


National Honor Society Week was a huge success!!!

A special thank you to the school's administration- Ms. Champagne, Principal, Dr. Sangster and Ms. Boone, Assistant Principals, for their support  of all NHS activities.

Additionally, thank you to all teachers and students who participated in the food drive. We worked together and were able to make a substantial donation of canned-food to the Salvation Army to benefit Sandy victims.

All other activities, including the distribution of pamphlets, show of NHS videos, recognition of student leaders, team building activities, and "Dress for Success Day" went a far way to inspire and support a standard of excellence from all students at Tyson School.